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100 percent free no credit card needed In 2016 a telephone interview with an artefact collector led me to uncover a scientific conspiracy of Biblical proportions. Professors are the high priests of our technology driven societybut as you will see sometimes the letters behind their names serve only to disguise a highly unscientific hidden agenda. BackstoryIn October 2016 I led a documentary film crew to a highlysecured property in the mountains north of Bogota Colombia to interview Professor Jamie GutierrezLega Colombias leading Architectural and Industrial Designer and owner of the Gutierrez Collectionthe worlds most controversial PreColombian artefact collection.After the interview he led me to a largedark and dry saferoom hidden in the bowels of his sprawling hillside property. Standing in a kaleidoscope of PreColombian artefactsgods heroes warriorsburial urns charms jewellery tools and clay pottery. Dr. Gutierrez